Craig Jarrow: Time Management Ninja (Literally)

Craig Jarrow is the founder and author of Time Management Ninja, a hub filled full of helpful resources to help you get more done.

In the podcast we talk how he’s been a fan of finding and utilising things and methods to help him be more productive from an early age – it’s his passion. From the Franklin Day Planner to the latest phone, if it can make your day easier he’s got you covered. Plus, we talk writing and how to be a productive writer – Craig provides tips on getting past those worrisome plights such as writer’s block and deadlines. One key issue we also talk about is saying ‘no’ to the things you really don’t have to do. Does that sound like you? Do you say ‘yes’ too much? If so, it could be time to reconsider! Listen to hear some absolute gems!

Chris Van der Kuyl: Making Minecraft to Ward off Zombies

In this episode, we interview Chris van der Kuyl, a man who’s certainly got a lot on his plate! As Chairman of 4J Studios, Entrepreneurial Scotland and Tayforth Consulting Ltd – alongside being a Visiting Professor of Digital Entertainment at Abertay University, Chris reveals how he manages to spin plates (with a remarkably honest answer!) whilst dealing with the biggest problem in his life: people. Listen to find out why he keeps his team small, his golden rules for hiring new people and his thoughts on the much-sought-after work life balance. Hear all about the development of Minecraft to the console and his exceptionally brilliant answer to our favourite zombie-ridden question!

Interview with Katherine Garrett-Cox and Elaine Maddison from Alliance Trust

“Learn to say no to the good things so you can say yes to the great things”

In this episode we interview Katherine Garrett-Cox, CEO of asset management giant Alliance Trust and Elaine Maddison, Strategy Director for Alliance Trust Savings. During the interview we cover topics such as routine, planning, having perspective while working and learning how to create a company culture which is self-motivating whilst retaining the productivity-inducing ‘family feel’.

Katherine Garrett-Cox is CEO of Alliance Trust PLC – an investment and savings business with over 127 years of building investor wealth. Alliance Trust is a FTSE 250 Company, and was founded in Dundee in 1888 where its headquarters are still based there today.

Katherine’s leadership journey started at Alliance some 8 years ago. She has worked in the asset management industry for over 25 years, the past eight at Alliance Trust. Katherine was promoted to CEO in August 2008 and since that time the Company has continued to evolve and innovate. The share price hit new heights this year as they announced their 48th consecutive year of dividend increase, a record equalled by only a handful of companies in the FTSE All Share.

Katherine co-chaired the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting in Davos this year, she supports UKTI as a Business Ambassador for the Financial Services and was awarded a CBE in the 2014 New Year Honours List.

She was joined by Elaine Maddison who has been part of this journey. Her development has been rapid and she is now venturing into a new phase in her career as the Strategy Director for Alliance Trust Savings, a subsidiary of Alliance Trust PLC.

NOT DYING with Chris Martin (and other productivity tips)

Are you doing the right things and pulling the right levers? Are you working to 90% or doing the whole 100% despite this having a negative impact on your productivity? These are the kind of questions this week’s guest, Waracle CEO Chris Martin urges us to consider.

Find out about the trials and tribulations of starting a business and which are the best two industries for self-motivating employees. We also talk about small gambles, not doing the wrong thing fast and discuss – rather philosophically – what actually IS productivity?

YAWA #2 – Why Are We Obsessed With Productivity?

This is the second installment of YAWA and in this episode we’re answering questions like ‘Why are we obsessed with productivity’? and ‘Does meditation really work?’ among many others! If you want to get involved with YAWA, tweet your question to @allthings_io and use #YAWA!

Study from from the University of Washington showed that meditation can increase productivity and help you focus: 

Episode 9 with Richard Tubb talking about his awesome morning routine and how he incorporates meditation into it.

Chris Marr: Dealing with Everyday Distractions

This week we’re chatting to Chris Marr, a content marketer, podcaster and the Director of Learning Everyday Ltd. He helps businesses around the UK embrace content marketing strategies and improve their communication.

We’ll be discussing just how much work is involved in the creation and maintenance of an online community, overcoming dreaded distractions and how being introverted affects the promotion of content…


Taking Fridays off, with Richard Tubb

This episode sees us interviewing Richard Tubb, an independent IT business consultant and owner of the renowned! We’ll be discussing the tips and tricks he uses to stay productive, how he gets away with a four day week (Fridays off!) and his ideal morning routine. We’ll also be talking life-changing books and what it means to really be productive. The man’s a machine and he’s here to bare all…

Richard’s Links:

Remember if you have any questions for Richard, Dave or Maria, you can contact Richard on twitter here or the All Things Productivity duo here!

Telecommuting – The Miracle Cure for Productivity

In this episode we discuss the controversial topic of working from home. According to the last census data, the telecommuting workforce increased 80% from 2005 to 2012, even as the total workforce declined. And in the U.K., record numbers of employees work remotely. It’s becoming more popular, but why? According to an article from the London School of Economics “Employees who are able to work from home are more productive than their office-bound colleagues because they are less distracted, grateful for the flexibility and the time they save on commuting is ploughed back into work.” Do you or your boss allow people to work from home? With figures suggesting that working from home can increase both your own productivity and the productivity of those around you, should you be working from home?

You Ask, We Answer Your Productivity Questions

In this episode we’re answering YOUR questions about productivity! We’re covering issues such as the morning routine, weekly scheduling and team motivation to name a few. If you want to get involved with YAWA, tweet your question to @allthings_io and use #YAWA.

 Susan Cain’s Quiet

Susan Cain’s Ted Talk:

How To Plan Your Week Like Benjamin Franklin

This episode sees us chatting about what it really means to plan your week to ensure you’re making the most of your time. Do you delegate, prioritize and set deadlines? If not, you should!

To find out more about David Allen, the modern to-do list revolutionary and creator of Getting Things Done check out his website

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Information about Benjamin Franklin’s routine: How to Write That Indispensable List